Beware of this text on WhatsApp

WHATSAPP users should beware of a dangerous fraudulent text that will hack you in seconds.

Fortunately, it’s easy to spot, but very easy to fall for.

One of the smartest ways to gain access to someone’s WhatsApp account is with a confirmation code scam.

You receive a text message from WhatsApp with a login code.

This is a two-factor authentication code that allows you to log into your account because it proves you have a phone number.

Then you’ll get a WhatsApp message from a friend or family member.

It will be something like the following: “Hi. I accidentally sent you my WhatsApp login code. Could you send it to me, please?”

Never reply to this message.

If you receive such a message, an intruder has most likely hacked the account of one of your contacts.

If you send the code, you are effectively giving away access to your account. After that, you can simply be deleted from your account.

After gaining access to your account, scammers can use the same scam to hack your friends and family.

The peculiarity of this scam is that a friend or family member asks you for a favor. You’re unlikely to sense the catch right away.

Experts warn: this type of scam is now one of the most popular on WhatsApp.

Don’t fall for it.
If you ever get a message asking for a WhatsApp confirmation code, just ignore it completely.

It may also be worth letting a friend who has been hacked know that he or she has been compromised – using a different app, not WhatsApp.

Once you realize you’ve been caught, immediately try to log in and kick the other person out.

If you can remove the hacker, he’ll need a new code to get back in.

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