Email marketing for a B2B company, 5 features

Feature #1: Base. In addition to the low influx of subscribers, the base is very heterogeneous: it contains both decision makers (decision makers) and LWRs (decision influencers) of different levels. For example, your subscribers can be both middle managers and CEOs, and each of them expects to get different benefits from the subscription. It is worth highlighting 2-3 main types and making a newsletter for them.

Feature #2: Content about eset key. This implies a big mistake – to send identical information to everyone and only, for example, about company news. Such a decision will not make the company’s email marketing effective. It is necessary to divide the content according to the interests of users. To make it really useful and interesting, study the questions that customers ask you: by phone, email, social networks, website widgets. The answers to them can form the basis of your unique content.

Feature #3: Mailing frequency. With constant touches, you will burn out the base. And, if for B2C such tactics can be justified due to the regular influx of “fresh blood”, then B2B subscribers will not tolerate too many letters. For this segment, mailing should be done no more than once a week.

Feature #4: Fragmentary thinking. Too much information draws our attention. From any device, from any communication channel, it pours out on us, so the problem of modern people is the lack of concentration and quick switching to a new source of information. Keep your newsletter short and to the point before your readers get distracted.

Feature #5: Lead Cultivation. Among all subscribers there is a section of thinking people who are not yet ready to buy for some reason. As a rule, they are about 80% of the entire database. Your task as part of email marketing for the company is to gradually warm up or grow them, so that by the time they mature for a purchase, they will remember exactly about you.

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