Telegram bots

Little helpers who carry out your commands and automate routine operations. Special accounts in the system are ready to answer questions and complete tasks.

The future has already arrived. Bots are smart robots that work for you with no vacation or paycheck. It is clear that they do not have special intelligence, but the tasks from the series: find, copy, download nod32 key – perform faster than you.

The most elementary use case is to set up a bot to deliver fresh news in the morning on a topic of interest to you.

Inside the Telegram, they can be easily identified by the end of the name “bot”. In a separate review, I will tell you in detail about the work of bots and their creation.

5 interesting bots:

Relevant in a crisis. The bot will show the exchange rate. Search for @rubbot.
For telephones. Sir @movie_bot will tell you what to watch on TV.
Develop your brains. Hangman game via @hangbot.
Download YouTube. @GetMusicBot knows where to find interesting videos.
Fans of quizzes. @GlobalWeatherbot – the weather forecast for tomorrow, almost never lies.

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