Why are people abandoning WhatsApp in favor of Telegram?

In the beginning there were SMS messages, but with the active development of mobile Internet access came messengers: WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Discord, WeChat and many others.

There are a lot of messengers, but in Russia WhatsApp has always been popular, a little later Viber got a market share, and then Telegram.

But the best messenger is Telegram. And here’s why:
✓ It is very fast. Messages come without any delays and even with the weakest Internet signal quality.

Telegram can also be used as a file exchange. For example, you need to transfer a file from your smartphone to your computer. You simply send the file to yourself from your phone and download it to your computer via the app. Telegram allows you to transfer files of up to 2 gigabytes each. And the speed, much faster than cloud services!

✓ WhatsApp and other messengers use smartphone memory to store files. Telegram stores files on its server and they do not consume the memory of your device.

✓ The correspondence history is also stored on the server. There is no need to do unnecessary actions in the form of backups, as it happens in WhatsApp and Viber.

✓ Telegram works on your computer without your smartphone turned on, as WhatsApp requires. It is enough to enter your login and password.

✓ In Telegram, you can hide your number from prying eyes, or you can make an alphabetic login instead of the number and transmit only it.

✓ Telegram is famous for its channels and group chats. Every major website has its own channel through which you can read announcements and full-length content. A kind of “smart TV” – you subscribe to what you want. You discuss with like-minded people.

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